We Put Our Best
"Selfie" Forward! 
2013, 2014 and Now...2015, Too! 
Best of Melbourne!
Historic Downtown District
Meet My
Best "Selfie"!
    It is with a grateful heart that I introduce myself.  I have never quite put myself out there like this before.  It's a bit scary. I confess!  I was always in my pretty, little facial room busy doing my happy little facials.  But I'm stepping out to say...
"Welcome to Petals!" 
      I am Ellen,  the name & face behind Petals Skin Spa. This is a "Selfie" I took on my last birthday; which was my 58th. The photo is straight from my cell phone and my complexion is the result of years of cold white wash clothes, gentle products and good clean skin. My clients have been telling me for 10 years that I need to be my own poster child; so I am finally taking their advice. 
    "Here I am...
your 58 year old "Poster Child" 
proving this exact point...
It's never too late to put your best self  forward!" E
     I know, believe me, that today's beauty industry is bombarding us at every turn and we pay for it over and over; both coming and going, money and bad results. Personally, I have never had a face lift, nor used Botox, Lip or Face Fillers, Laser Peels, or any kind of Cosmetic Peel, Microdermabrasion, Retinols, or harsh, caustic chemicals, etc, blah, blah, blah, ca-ching, ca-ching.
      Thankfully, I have learned the one very important lesson about getting and maintaining a beautiful face at any and every age.
Lesson 1
All Facials Are Not Created Equal
     Which is why I created Petals Skin Spa in the first place. We needed a place for great facials (& nails); a welcoming and non-threatening escape.  Petals Skin Spa is a paradigm shift in the industry.  
     I created just at least one place where you could come to get a great service and not be attacked with sales pitches and gimmicks.  And in the meantime, get the best facial you ever had.  I think we hit a chord with many women. In so doing our thing, we have earned and maintained a perfect, unpaid for, unsolicited, 5 star rating on the Internet for 10 years in a row.  
      I think that says a lot about Petals.  I will tell you that our competition has to "pay" for and "buy" their ratings using online reputation companies. We do not.  Our rating is completely "Organic"; earned year after year after year.  Our only standard is excellence which we blend with compassion for every client, excellence in every service, and education as power. 
     A facial is like playing the piano. Some are better at it than others.  A true facial is a gift; a wonder!  Those are the facials you'll get here.  Here's the MAIN difference; we're really in it for the facial and the success follows. 
    " I wanted Petals to be a warm, relaxing place where everyone could and would just come in to, all stressed-out and overworked, and then leave looking and feeling like a million bucks!  Instantly!"  E
      As fate would have it, that's what happened. And, it has touched real people everywhere.  Just read our reviews and you'll see what I mean.  It's the Petals magic!  It has been my honor to have been given this platform for helping people reveal their inner and outer beauty, through education (I'm a Retired 20 Year Brevard Co. Teacher), true caring & nurturing, and amazing skin care. 
     For numerous and important reasons, it is a responsibility I take very seriously. Besides providing a happy escape, I feel it is my duty to provide the best facial(s) you ever had so you can have the best complexion you ever had. It's just that simple.  
Put Your Best "Selfie" Forward 
at Petals Skin Spa!
614 E New Haven Avenue
Historic Downtown Melbourne
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 Live 5 Star Reviews 
"Coming to Petals was the best thing I ever did for myself!"  Caitlyn/ Customer Rep  7/15/15
"I would wait six months for a facial at Petals before ever going anywhere else again!"  Michelle/ Bank Manager  7/18/15
"I was so spoiled and I loved every minute of it!"  Melissa/ Retired  5/15/ 15
"First facial and it was a wonderful experience. My skin is so soft and smooth."
Ann/ Dental Tech 4/7/15
"I loved the experience and the personal touch given. The place was very nice as well and gave a very relaxed feeling."
Carol/ Office Manager 4/1/15
"Petals is the only place I'll get a facial!"
Debbie / Mom 3/21/15
"Just what the doctor ordered and just at the right moment!"
Ingrid / Snow Bird 3/20/15
Too Cute!     
      "Come treat yourself to something this special.  Every woman needs a visit to Petals. Period. Petals is the only spa where everyone feels welcome and you leave looking and feeling a thousand percent better.  Or... we won't charge you a penny!" Ellen
A Dollhouse Facial & Nail Spa 
 All I can say is "Welcome!"  
Ellen of Petals!
     Oops!  I forgot one very important point!
1.  It all feels AMAZING! 
     Ok.  2 Points... 
2.  Availability Limited. Please Book Ahead.
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