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Hello, Gorgeous!
Welcome to Petals; Our Giant Cupcake!
Be Your Face's BFF! 
Come "KISS"
Your Complexion!
Keep It Simple, Silly!
     Doesn't that Sound Awesome?
     Beauties, such as Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe, benefited from the ancient art and science of transforming facials and looked glorious. They didn't have to resort to the harmful and costly cosmetic practices of today that are actually morphing women's complexions!  
     You can benefit, too, from the power of facials; no matter your age, beginning this very moment, no matter what you have ever done. This facial from Petals could change everything!  Believe me, Cleopatra and Marilyn would have LOVED Petals Skin Spa!
Cinderella once said, 
"One shoe changed my life!"  
We believe that One Facial 
at Petals Can Change Your Life, Too!  
     Experience a Petal's facial and meet the complexion God gave you in the first place so you don't have to do all that other stuff in the second place.  Come let me meet your complexion and help you bring it back to it's full beauty, whatever your age.  I will make you feel so comfortable, relaxed and hopeful again.  Plus, we might laugh a time or two.    
 Come Meet Ellen the Skin Teacher!
   As a retired Brevard County schoolteacher of 20 years, you can imagine how important it is for me, now, as a skin specialist, to want to help my clients to learn to love their complexions the right way. It is always my primary mission and focus.
     Make friends with your face once & for all and be your own BFF!  This is a selfie I took on my 58th birthday, December 1, 2015. I've never done anything harmful or costly.  Period. Heck!  I use oatmeal soap from the Indian River Soap Company and send all my clients down there to buy some.  Consider me your skin teacher!  Take my advice and try the treatments I think will help your complexion.
       I do wish everyone really could get a facial at Petals, at least once, because firstly, as a school teacher, they would get an A+ proper facial in the first place and then a proper 101 on Upkeep, in the second place. That alone would be priceless!  In fact, I'm writing a book on that very topic as we speak.  
     A proper facial, you see, is both a gift and an education; which is something everyone needs if you want healthy vibrant skin!  Again, it would be like you trying to drill and fill your own cavities and take care of all of your own dental needs.  Not gonna happen!
      Once you've had a truly great custom facial; it will answer so many questions you've always had about your face.  Once you realize that it's not rocket science?  Your stress and worry about your age, complexion, wrinkles, spots will disappear and so will your crummy complexion.  We provide amazing skin care, facials, anti-aging results and everything else, from A to Z, (Ha! Ha!) for faces 10 to 100.  
     Wouldn't it be great to know what to do for your face and how to take care or your skin forever? Come to Petals and experience what a real facial is and why you need them from a true master facialist, 20 year teacher/educator, author/writer, 5 Star spa owner and thrift store and bubble bath addict!  LOL!  
     We've built a strong and wonderful reputation for quality services and excellence in this industry and we'd love to share our talents and skills with you and yours. We are trusted, tried and true and opposite of most everything out there; which is what people love. 
     And, for the record, another generalization you can kick to the curb is the spa snootiness factor.  We don't do snooty very well.  Forget snooty at Petals.  It's totally LOL time. 
     But after all of that?  It's our facials at work and the proof is on our happy clients' faces as they go glow all around town.  Love you, my beauties!  You are gorgeous!  Where do you go? Petals?  I never tire of your pretty face!  
      God Bless!  Happy February! Be your own BFF and do this for yourself.  You have nothing to worry about.  We are grateful and honored to serve you in this beautiful little town we call home.  
Ellen Mulligan
Petals Skin Spa
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Live 5 Star Reviews
"Coming to Petals was the best thing I ever did for myself!"  Caitlyn/ Customer Rep  7/15/15
"I would wait six months for a facial at Petals before ever going anywhere else again!"  Michelle/ Bank Manager  7/18/15
"I was so spoiled and I loved every minute of it!"  Melissa/ Retired  5/15/ 15
"First facial and it was a wonderful experience. My skin is so soft and smooth."
Ann/ Dental Tech 4/7/15
"I loved the experience and the personal touch given. The place was very nice as well and gave a very relaxed feeling."
Carol/ Office Manager 4/1/15
"Petals is the only place I'll get a facial!"
Debbie / Mom 3/21/15
"Just what the doctor ordered and just at the right moment!"
Ingrid / Snow Bird 3/20/15    
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