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 Funny; But True!
6/22/16  My late 30's peaches and cream client wakes up sleepily last Saturday morning and smiles happily in anticipation of her visit.  Groggy-eyed she climbs in the shower while coffee perks.

When she finally opened her eyes long enough to look in the mirror, she was aghast! 

Overnight, her forhead had formed a huge, deep railroad crevice across the middle of her entire perfect, un-"Botoxed" forehead!

"OMG!"  she shrieked!  Where the heck did that come from!"

She ran and took a selfie and shot it to me then and there even though she knew I would see her in a few hours.  I looked at her picture.  I read her frantic text.  I burst out laughing and texted my poor distressed client back.  

Here is my text:

"Suju!  I have the diagnosis. You've got to stop wearing your shower cap so tight! LOL!" E  

Uhhh....it was the indentation from her shower cap.  LOL!  Can't make this stuff up! Have a great day everyone!

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